An incomplete splicing

Tracy Frydberg

The Associated Press article published in the Daily Texan on Nov. 19 titled “Gazan Civilians Killed in Deadliest Day” was an incomplete splicing of two different articles, which failed to provide context or present Israel’s measures to protect innocent lives as fact.

First, the article provided zero context for Israel’s actions, never acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself from the ongoing brutality of Hamas, a U.S. State Department-recognized terrorist organization.

Second, Israel takes incredible measures to protect and aid innocent civilians. In stark contrast, Hamas hides among civilian populations in Gaza, firing rockets near schools, mosques, and homes. Israel sends text messages and pamphlets to the people of Gaza warning them before taking any targeted action. On Nov. 18th alone, Israel sent 80 trucks carrying medical supplies and food to Gaza, and injured civilians have been leaving Gaza for medical treatment in Israel. Despite facing an enemy willing to put its own people on the firing line, Israel is taking every effort to deny Hamas the capacity to kill.

— Tracy Frydberg, Middle Eastern Studies sophomore