Unbalanced coverage

Jori Epstein

“Twenty-eight minutes ago — sirens in Jerusalem. Ran to shelter. Now we are out and on the way to a shiyur [educational field trip]. The rocket landed…”

I didn’t expect that text when my best friend and I walked the graduation aisle in May. Since we can’t change events overseas, what frustrates me most is closer to home: that the Daily Texan coverage reflects a very different story. After Monday’s article titled “Gaza civilians killed in deadliest day,” the Texan’s Tuesday primary international story picks stats selectively. Noting 56 Gaza civilians killed to three Israelis, the story fails to mention that Israel receives much more fire; its people merely suffer fewer casualties because of the Iron Dome defense system — an extremely expensive but effective combination of radars and intercepting missiles. Tuesday alone, as of 2 p.m. Hamas has fired 147 rockets in Israel. Ninety-four exploded; 51 were intercepted by Iron Dome. Yet our coverage of Israel discusses museum artifacts?
If the Daily Texan gives itself free reign to compile AP stories, it should properly aggregate the information to reflect what the page says it holds — the world, not one nation.

Though the front page story discusses students advocating across the spectrum, the sole professor quotation is problematic.

But opinions belong on the Opinion page — not the News section, nor World & Nation. If the Daily Texan compiles its AP stories, it should balance viewpoints presented to accurately reflect both sides of the conflict.

—Jori Epstein, Plan II and journalism freshman, and Daily Texan copy editor and sports writer