Greed, stupidity or a clever marketing ploy?

I was shocked when I picked up a copy of today’s Daily Texan to read “UT System sues for Fawcett portrait.” What on earth are the spenders of our tax dollars thinking? How much are the legal proceedings going to cost? I was shocked again to see that UT is going after one of two paintings of Farrah Fawcett, and it is valued at $30 million! I asked myself, “Is it GREED, STUPIDITY or A CLEVER MARKETING PLOY?” Perhaps UT wants the painting so they can sell it for $30 million and pay for the new medical school instead of raising the taxes of ordinary citizens. What a clever ploy that would be. Somehow I cannot believe that is true. What other values might UT be acting on if not one of the ones I have suggested?

— Laurence A. Becker
1958 BA, Plan II 1965 MA, English