Liberal and uninformed

Lisa Slay

I do not appreciate your support and stand against Israel. I am disgusted at how liberal and uninformed your paper and the University of Texas students are.  Always protesting and never an intelligent part of the solution. It is easy for all of you to sit in your ivory tower or classroom and put down others for defending their country. If the U.S., in your opinion, should stay out of other countries’ affairs, then get off of the Islamic bandwagon as well. (Students are always thinking that whatever is today’s popular opinion with the academic world must be the right way to think and act — and when has that really worked?)

You love to flash equality and freedom around like a banner — and yet you’re hypocritical about who should benefit from them. Like the UT campus banning all smoking and smoking paraphernalia (yet marijuana use runs rampant?) and I bet the students protest for legalization — so if it were to happen would they refrain from smoking it?  What a laugh!

  —Lisa Slay, Austin resident