Austin Community College responds to bomb threat, no explosives found

Matthew Hart

Students at the Austin Community College-Rio Grande campus were likely surprised to find police investigating and searching the campus at roughly 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

Someone called a bomb threat into the campus shortly before classes began. Police arrived soon after and a few roads were blocked, preventing convenient access to the campus, but students were still attending classes.

Kyle Heine, an ACC-Rio Grande student, said he did not receive a text notification from the emergency alert system he subscribes to or any email regarding the matter. 

“All the classes were still going on, no one was removed from the buildings,” Heine said. ”When I was there, all of the students were still in class.”

ACC spokeswoman Alexis Patterson Hanes said the campus sent out text notifications to its students. Hanes said ACC district police and the Austin Police Department responded immediately to the threat. 

“Our authorities quickly determined that there was no bomb and we received the all clear,” Hanes said. “We’re continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding what was found.” 

ACC’s bomb threat came after a shooting at Lone Star College in Houston where three people were wounded. Hanes said ACC always reacts to these kinds of situations seriously. 

“We always evaluate our safety policies and procedures to make sure that we’re following best practices and doing everything that we can to keep our students and employees safe,” Hanes said.

In September, UT students evacuated campus and the University canceled classes for the day after receiving a bomb threat.