Perry-Castaneda Library opens interview room equipped with Skype

Zach Lozano

The Perry-Castaneda Library opened an interview room this semester on the first floor of the library, where students can hold interviews with potential employers through high-definition video conferencing.

On a loan from Information Technology Services, the technology available in the room is there to give students a greater advantage over other students in the job search and provide convenience for interviews that require video technology. 

“Hopefully this location will be more convenient than other options for access to HD video equipment, if access to such equipment is a requirement for an interview, and they will be able to interact with prospective employers more easily,” said Jenifer Flaxbart, head librarian of reference and information services for the PCL.

Flaxbart said the new room will provide a campus-based option to interview locally for what could be a local, national or international job opportunity. 

“Interview tips and guidelines are included with the instructions for the equipment, and the room provides students with a professional-looking setting from which to interview,” Flaxbart said.

The technology is on loan from ITS this semester, but Flaxbart hopes to offer long-term support for the system through efforts by University of Texas Libraries and ITS.

“I certainly wish technology like this was available to me during my undergraduate years,” said Reymundo Ramos, director of academic advising and career counseling with the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence. “With the job market still tight, this could certainly help students save in travel expenses while possibly expanding the number of interviews they can have.”

Undeclared freshman Erin Duncan said she greatly appreciates this new resource provided to students. Duncan said she thinks young college students often go into job interviews feeling nervous and unsure of themselves, despite possessing all of the traits that make them viable candidates for any position.

“I definitely think it’s a valuable addition to campus, because job interviews are intimidating and if students are in their own element they will perform better in the interview,” Duncan said. “I would definitely use it because I myself get nervous in job interviews and it would be in a much more comfortable setting.” 

The room can be reserved through Library Copier Services or by phone at 512-495-4239. 

Printed on Thursday, February 7, 2013 as: Skype-equipped PCL room aids with job interviews

This story was corrected after its original posting. Various career services on campus offer interview services.