Students learn habits of healthy runners in Victory’s Workshop Series

Amanda O’Donnell

Finding ways to enjoy a workout can be hard, and enjoying running can be harder. For all of those who imagined themselves runners but never actually enjoyed it enough to get on the track and go, there is an option.

A sequence of workshops intended to teach ways to make running a more enjoyable experience are being held throughout the month by Victory at Gregory Gym. The store, which is operated by the Texas-based running joint Luke’s Locker under a management services agreement with Nike USA, is located at the entrance of Gregory Gym. 

Victory’s manager, Nathaniel Friedman, said the purpose of the series, taglined “Running Sucks Less When …” is to make running an easier and less daunting recreational activity.

“The health benefits that running provides are profuse,” Friedman said. “Making the decision to commit to the lifestyle that makes running more enjoyable makes those benefits more accessible.”

The five workshops Victory offers will cover lessons in planning a training program, dieting responsibly, choosing the right apparel, supplementing running with cross-training and incorporating helpful motivational tools like phone apps into your workout. Students who attend all five segments of the series will receive free merchandise from Victory. 

Nutrition junior Jared Stevens said the workshops offer helpful tips to change running’s reputation as a strenuous workout with small payoffs.

“It’s something as simple as measuring your runs by time and not distance that can help you to push further without leaving you overwhelmed,” Stevens said. “Running doesn’t have to be painful. When it’s done correctly it’s really rewarding.”

Lindsay Gaydos, registered dietician at the Division of Housing and Food Services, led Wednesday afternoon’s segment of the series titled, “Running Sucks Less When You Fuel Yourself.” It focused on the benefits a runner obtains from maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. 

“It’s important to be open to a variety of food and know how to incorporate them in your diet,” Gaydos said. “Allowing your body time to prepare for a run after eating is also important.” 

“A basic understanding of nutrition can improve a runner’s diet,” Friedman said. “Knowing the difference between a protein and a carb and a fat can help you recognize when you need which, and what it’s going to do for you.”

In addition to the workshop series, Victory will be offering weekly planned group runs, open to all levels of runners. Friedman said following the group runs participants meet at Victory to eat food provided by the store, nicknaming the events “grub runs.”

“If you’re serious about running, the grub runs are an opportunity to use what you learned from ‘Running Sucks’ and experience for yourself how rewarding running can be,” Friedman said.

Printed on Thursday, February 7, 2013 as: Running sucks less with Victory at Gregory