Let the students speak

Thor Lund and Wills Brown

This Friday the Texas Student Media board will be making a fiscal decision that could alter the course of The Daily Texan as we know it. We love The Daily Texan because it’s just that: daily. It’s a newspaper that’s by the students, and for not only the students, but alumni, the city of Austin and countless others who want their hands on one of the oldest and most prestigious college newspapers of all time. It’s not only something that we support, but it’s been a part of our every day experience here at UT for the past three and a half years. Look, we’re aware it’s 2013 and times are changing. News media is transforming more often and more rapidly than it ever has before. However, we can’t prematurely dismiss alternative sources of funding that could prove to be so valuable.

It’s quite apparent that there’s an untapped resource, The Daily Texan alumni, who could feasibly save the five-day-a-week publication schedule and perhaps do much more. Some people appear to be politicizing this into an “us-versus-them” situation. But let us be clear: That should not be the perception. Working together, the Texas Student Media Board and The Daily Texan alumni should be able to make it over this speed bump, if you will, and continue serving together in a successful and professional manner that is in the best interest of the students.

Therefore, today we present two challenges. To the Texas Student Media Board — give The Daily Texan another shot. Let them tap into their alumni base. This resourceful gold mine could prove to be beneficial to all sides. And to The Daily Texan alumni — make good on your pledge. Help save this valuable tradition that touches the lives of each and every student on this campus. As alumni, you owe it to the current and incoming Longhorns to pledge to preserve what’s best for The Daily Texan, which in turn, we believe, is what’s best for the students.

Point is, it’s unfair to dismiss something with such a stronghold in the University’s culture. The Daily Texan has been around for 113 years. We completely understand that adapting to change is needed, but let’s make sure to carefully investigate each and every option before such a drastic final decision is made. This is a student-run newspaper. Let the students speak.

Thor Lund and Wills Brown are Student Government president and vice president.