New student-led company bridges the gap between education and work

Alberto Long

As the job market becomes increasingly saturated and competitive, hands-on and professional experience before graduation has become essential to landing a job. A new online company hopes to facilitate students’ need for work experience by acting as the bridge between education and work.

Ninjathat, a student-led startup out of Philadelphia, has made its way to the UT campus and seeks to connect brands, companies, working professionals and their needs — listed on the Ninjathat website as “missions” — to the student workforce. Students “bid” for employment and companies hire based on student profiles. 

Missions currently posted on the Ninjathat website call for a variety of skills ranging from web design and market research to scarf knitting, designated driving and food delivery. 

Siri Soth, a civil engineering freshman and brand ambassador, said the website will help students with limited time. 

“It’s giving us chances to interact with people, make money and broaden our horizons while balancing schoolwork,” Soth said.

Mohit Patel, a business freshman and one of three brand ambassadors for the company, said Ninjathat is a great way for students to use skills learned inside the classroom and an efficient way to get things done for professionals. 

“Ninjathat is an innovative idea in the sense that it gives students the ability to gain hands-on experience and enhance their resumes while still in school,” Patel said. “Whatever students learn in their classes or whatever they want to do, they can accompany it with real-world experience through our company.” 

Employers are encouraged to comment on student profiles upon completion of a task, where they can rate the student’s work and provide feedback. This provides other potential employers with access to the user’s online resume and recommendations.

Ninjathat guarantees employers money back if students fail to complete missions satisfactorily. Students can sign up for the service using their Facebook accounts. 

Ninjathat will be seeking other companies and students to use their service during South By Southwest, Patel said. New missions will be posted throughout the week and Patel said all students looking to make money and network during the festival are encouraged to create a profile on the Ninjathat website.