Why I would make a wonderful director of player personnel

Christian Corona

Dear Mr. William Mack Brown,

Consider this the cover letter of my application for the recent opening in the Texas football program, which, as you know, is looking for a director of player personnel. 

First, some background, for those reading. Recent NCAA deregulations allow for an unlimited number of administrative staff. If you have the money to pay them, you can hire them. And we all know how deep the Longhorns’ pockets are. 

Alabama, not surprisingly, was among the first to use the recent rule adjustments to its advantage. Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban recently hired former Baylor head coach Kevin Steele to be its director of player personnel.

“Alabama is ahead of all of us with the number of personnel that they have hired, and that’s something that everybody is looking very closely at,” head coach Mack Brown said. “And again, it’s something that all of us have looked very carefully at and what’s best for college football and what’s best for Texas.”

So, Mack, you need someone with social media savvy? My Twitter: 261 followers and counting. Want someone on your staff that knows recruiting, in and out? Look no further. I was born and raised in Austin and I’ve covered this team closely throughout my time here at UT. 

I know this program like the back of my hand and have great ideas to improve it. Seems like this position deals a lot with recruiting. First suggestion: Try not to get too worked up about prospects considering other schools, even after they’ve committed to play for you. 

Second suggestion: Great job going after juniors. Now let’s take it one step further. Start talking to sophomores. Don’t be afraid to offer scholarships to freshmen. Heck, there are schools out there offering eighth graders. 

One of Texas’ most highly touted Class of 2014 targets, New Orleans St. Augustine running back Leonard Fournette, is a five-star prospect, according to Rivals.com. The Longhorns offered him a scholarship earlier this month but LSU offered him when he was in ninth grade. 

Southlake Christian (N.C.) running back Robert Washington and wide receiver Conner O’Donnell, freshmen on the same high school team, have each chosen Mississippi State. 

There’s a reason the SEC has won each of the last seven national championships. They’re always ahead of the game. Texas, the last non-SEC team to win a national title, has to catch up. I can help with that. 

I don’t have any playing or coaching experience at the collegiate level — though I have built many a dynasty on NCAA Football — but you will find plenty of sports-related experience on my beautiful, baseball stitch-decorated resume. After two years covering the Longhorns, I’m also well-versed in coach speak. I think I’d be a good fit.