We Asked: The Texan and you

The Question: What would you like to see in the daily texan?

“To be perfectly honest I don’t read The Daily Texan … Do you talk about environmental outreach programs at all? I know they do a lot of activities around town, it could be cool to get more people involved in that… Do you do a comedy section? That’d be cool.”  
— Justyn Huckleberry, biology (ecology, evolution and behavior) sophomore

“Honestly, I don’t read the paper right now… I think it would actually be cool to incorporate a broader Austin view, including maybe a volunteer page talking about local nonprofits, and ways to get people involved outside of campus — so it’s not so insular, so it’s a bigger community.”  
— Katie Floyd, Latin American Studies sophomore

“I like The Daily Texan right now. I can’t think of anything to improve it, to be honest with you.”  
— Mike Schneider, electrical engineering freshman

“I like the coverage, as long as it’s diverse and covering more topics going on around campus. I think the coverage is pretty good. Sometimes I feel like it’s not as relevant to a student perspective, but I’m sure that’s because y’all have a wider audience than just students. I guess just like campus life in general, things that are going on in Austin that would pertain to students. It’d be good to get stuff more relevant to groups on campus… I’m a business major and you could do all kinds of things, like a stock ticker, like how Google News has a business section. But I think overall it’s pretty good. I’d like to see it more on like 24th Street, it’s right next to the boxes for the Dallas Morning News and all that. I’m definitely not interested in Dallas news, and even the Austin American-Statesman I can just go on the website and get Austin news in general. That’s why I like The Daily Texan to read during class, so it’d be good if more students knew that it was a really relevant newspaper just because they go to UT.”
— Andrew Bowen, MIS Junior

“I guess I’d just like to see it around more. Sometimes things get so busy it’s just like out of sight, out of mind … Just try to raise awareness.”  
— Julia Tocker, RTF freshman

“Nothing I can think of, to be honest. There is one thing that I really do like — I live out by Riverside, and I like how the newspaper’s right next to the bus stop, so when I go on the bus I always read the paper there … It’d be nice to feature different groups, or different research that’s going on — like, have you heard of [Professor Eric Anslyn]? He’s an organic chemistry professor and he’s doing a lot of research and I’ve looked at some his stuff — like the Navy’s paying him to do research, and one of his projects cost them $4 million, actually, and that would be something interesting, in my opinion. Sports, of course. Maybe some cool events going on, like music? I don’t know a lot, I just read it cause it’s right next to the bus stop. Me and my roommate read it all the time.”  
— Tony Chhay, public health sophomore