It’s Time Texas wants to make healthy living the rule not the exception

Amanda O’Donnell

The newly founded UT chapter of the It’s Time Texas campaign believes the thought of healthy living should no longer be accompanied by groans. 

The initiative aims to unite communities in making healthy lifestyles the norm and not the exception. It’s Time Texas reaches out to health conscious figures in Texas, including dieticians, doctors and coaches, asking them to recruit companies and organizations who can sponsor health related events. 

By creating a UT specific chapter, It’s Time Texas hopes to reach students who take pride in community participation. At their first meeting members were asked to fill out a pledge card specifying what change they personally wanted to make in their lifestyles.

“Our main thing is that we want to help our college peers realize that healthy living is not as difficult as it’s made out to be,” said Jennifer Davila, communications junior and It’s Time Texas vice-president. “We want to celebrate healthy lifestyles through social activities so that our ideals can spread.”

Physical culture and sports sophomore Akruti Patel, the club’s president, said maintaining a healthy lifestyle means keeping healthy company.

“Being with other people who have the same health related goals as you keeps you accountable,” Patel said. “You’re less likely to do unhealthy snacking when everyone around you is having an apple.” 

It’s Time Texas takes its name from the recently rising rates of Type 2 diabetes. Currently 20 million Americans have the disease and if this trend continues 40 percent of all children will develop the disease. It’s Time Texas wants to change families’ ideas of healthy living before bad habits affect another generation. 

“It’s time to be sensitive but firm in making healthy choices for ourselves and our families,” said Marcie Adame, It’s Time Texas ambassador. Adame is a health teacher who incorporates three types of physical activity, yoga, running and cross-training, into her veggie-filled week. 

It’s Time Texas will hold a healthy potluck on campus this month to share recipes and cooking tips for students attempting to maintain a balanced diet.

The organization’s next meeting will be heald March 21 at 7 p.m.

“Healthy shouldn’t be a hassle,” Davila said. “There are so many small steps you can take to make healthy feel natural — because it is.”