Women’s rowing looks for victories at home this weekend

Sam Jackson

As Texas students still recover from spring break, women’s rowing is coming off its two-a-day training week looking for victories in this weekend’s Longhorn Invitational. 

“Spring break offered the opportunity to seat race each other to find and put together the fastest lineups possible. There were a lot of boat changes going on to try different arrangements and chemistry. Since then, the coaches have established the fastest lineups possible,” coxswain Kassie Budzik said. 

Texas spent its break training hard and staying fit for the upcoming regattas. More importantly, the changes that took place in boats over the week make for even more of a challenge as the invitational nears.

Texas has been working on simply coming together. 

“We focus on that aspect every practice, but being anxious around race day poses a challenge to make it happen,” Budzik said. 

Specifically concerning the race this weekend, Texas is very excited for the opportunity to race at home and compete with top crews from around the country. The invitational features an exciting head-to-head race on a 2,000-meter course. 

Also new to the invitational will be a crown to an overall team champion instead of the traditional individual events. 

“In looking beyond this weekend, it’s still early in the season,” Budzik said. “We’re only going to get faster.”