What to Watch: April 8 – 12

At the beginning of every week, we provide a list of opinion-worthy events to expect during the coming week.

On Monday from 4-5 p.m., UC-Irvine professor Soroosh Sorooshian discusses the future likelihood of long-term drought and extreme weather in a talk titled “Current State of Hydrologic Modeling and Challenges in Forecasting Floods and Predicting Droughts and Extreme Events.” He will speak in the Avaya Auditorium (ACE 2.302).


On Tuesday, April 9, Dan Balz, chief correspondent and political reporter at The Washington Post, will deliver the William Randolph Hearst Fellows Award Lecture. His speech is titled “Red and Blue America: Politics and Journalism in a Divided Country.” The lecture begins at 3:30 p.m. in the Belo Center for New Media, and a reception follows at 5 p.m.


On Wednesday, April 10, Simone Brown and Ben Carrington, both UT sociology professors, will talk about race. Browne will deliver a lecture titled “Walking While Black: Notes on Surveillance Studies,” examining in part the 1783 “Book of Negroes,” a document of 3,000 slaves who escaped to Canada during the American Revolution. Carrington will deliver a lecture titled “Summer Flames, Summer Games,” during which he will consider “how sport both reinforces and challenges dominant ideologies around class, race, gender and nation.” The lectures will be delivered from 3-5 p.m. in the CLA building, 1.203E. Contact Amina Zarrugh ([email protected]) to receive advance copies of the professors’ papers.