Annual UT Fashion Show transcends trends to runway


Gabriella Belzer

Models walk the runway at the UT 2013 Fashion Show Transcend held at Frank Erwin Center. The annual show featured the works of 23 textile and apparel seniors displaying a range of textures, material and designs. 

Alexandra Dubinsky

After months of preparation and years of dreaming, the University Fashion Group joined 24 textile and apparel seniors in showcasing their work at a culminating event of the year for UT fashion. 

Sponsored by Lexus of Austin, the annual UT Fashion Show, held at the Frank Erwin Center on Thursday night, featured over 120 designs in active wear, evening wear and bridal gowns. Designers used various textures and techniques including leather, faux fur and hand-crafted chain mail.

In addition to the fashion show, the group displayed “Immersed in Cotton Room,” an exhibition of jeans and T-shirts solely made of cotton. The designer of the best jean and T-shirt will receive a free trip to tour the Cotton Incorporated headquarters with a chance to make connections in the fashion industry. 

“I feel like tonight is my graduation,” said University Fashion Group President Angeli Aguilera. “[Since the] first meeting of my freshman year this was the moment
I wanted.“

Natalie Poche, textiles and apparel senior and model coordinator for the group proposed this year’s theme of “transcend,” to go above and beyond. According to Aguilera, the purpose of a theme is to provide inspiration for the designers.

“I feel like all the designers take the word and make it their own,” Aguilera said. “Its not a unified thing. It’s whatever it means to them, and it’s a chance to show the world what [the designers have] been thinking and dreaming about for so many years.”

Karen Bravo, a lecturer in the department of textiles and apparel and one of three directors of the fashion show, said she sees how emotional the event is for all
24 students.

“It’s sort of like the students’ soul,” Bravo said. “You’re actually seeing all these years that they’re putting into school and learning and challenges they’ve faced.”

Cameron Silver, named one of the 25 most influential people in fashion by Time Magazine, presented awards at the end of the show. The Lexus of Austin Design Challenge was awarded to Christine Lew and the best overall design went to Mehgan McKinney. 

Textile and apparel senior Nicki Garcia said she felt relieved that the show was over.

“I’m excited for what’s to come,” Garcia said. “It feels good to get my stuff out there after all the hard work.”