Give Luhnow credit for Astros’ promising future

Joseph Cook

When I first saw that there was a column in the Texan concerning the Houston Astros, I knew I would be reading another piece that would call my beloved 9 a laughingstock and wonder why the old days have left us so suddenly. I was surprised, however, that the author, who purports to be a fan, left out the most important person within this entire process: General Manager Jeff Luhnow. 

I always hear people ask, “Why did we get rid of Hunter Pence/Wandy Rodriguez/so-and-so?” It’s simple: We were going to lose with them, so why not lose without them and build for the future? Luhnow recognized this and made the best of a horrible situation and picked up Carlos Correa, someone who could help compose one of the best middle infields in the game in the future. Luhnow also has the first overall pick again in this year’s draft, and it appears we could receive a franchise starter in Stanford’s Mark Appel. 

Yes, the Comcast Sports Net debacle is awful, and yes, the current product is awful (although I’d say the Marlins have it a lot worse), but the rational fan can see that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and that this light is something to look forward to. The rational fan can also see that Astros owner Jim Crane, unlike his predecessor Drayton McLane, can handle losing if it is coupled with building. It’s going to be rough, but good times are ahead, and I’m ready for them.

Joseph Cook, journalism sophomore