Classic Game Fest will celebrate old-school gaming

Andrew Huygen

Although headlines from the gaming industry have recently been inundated with debate on whether the Xbox One or PS4 will win the next console war, there is still a large subset of gamers who choose to stick to their roots, blowing dust from their copy of “Super Metroid” and going up against Mother Brain one more time.

Classic Game Fest will take place July 13-14 at the Palmer Events Center. The festival is sponsored by Game Over Videogames, Inc., a local, independent videogame retailer that specializes in classic videogames and accessories. Entry to the festival will be $10, which will include access to all games, events and tournaments throughout the weekend. Children 12 and under will be able to attend for free. A portion of all proceeds for the event will benefit the Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation.

Some highlights for the festival will be a “classic videogame museum,” unlimited free play on vintage arcade machines and a “Super Smash Bros. 64” tournament, with a $100 gift card awarded to the winner. Each night will conclude with an after party, where live videogame-inspired music will be performed.