Horns Up, Horns Down for July 22


Horns Up:  The University of Michigan Board of Regents voted Thursday to allow students living in the U.S. illegally to pay in-state, rather than out-of-state, tuition. Texas has done so since 2001, but adding Michigan to the list of states (now 17 in total) that follow this policy will allow us to more accurately understand how offering undocumented students in-state tuition affects not just students’ ability to achieve their dreams but also state economies. 

Horns Down: Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no reason to believe that Gov. Rick Perry is about to put much-needed tuition revenue bonds for campus construction projects on the special session call — at least not until transportation legislation is passed. Campuses across the state clearly need the funds — so why is the governor shutting students out in the cold? 

Horns Up: On Saturday, the City Relations Agency of Student Government held a block walk to raise awareness of affordable housing. In a town as politically active as Austin, city politics are often inexplicably ignored, to the detriment of the many students who call Austin home. We support the agency’s effort to focus its attentions on this important issue.