Horns Up, Horns Down for Sept. 4: Cornyn on Syria and rights for same-sex military couples in Texas


Horns Up: Cornyn shows restraint on Syria

On Tuesday, The Dallas Morning News reported that Sen. John Cornyn had stayed silent throughout a meeting between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders on possible military action in Syria. Through an aid, Cornyn issued a statement saying that he would urge the president “to explain [to the American people] in detail what vital national interests are at stake, his plan for securing these interests and a clear definition of what success looks like in Syria.”

In contrast, House Speaker and fellow Republican John Bohener has already stated that he strongly supports the president’s plan.

In light of this, Cornyn’s thoughtful response to the situation seems even more admirable. We agree with his call for the president to provide more information to the American people.

Horns Down: Another blow for LGBTQ Texans

As of Tuesday, members of the armed forces can apply for benefits for same-sex marriages under federal law. The Texas National Guard, however, is refusing to comply. According to a letter by Maj. Gen. John Nichols, under the Texas Constitution’s strictly heterosexual definition of marriage, the Texas National Guard cannot process gay and lesbian couples’ applications for benefits. This despite that fact that other states that ban gay marriage, including Florida, Michigan and Oklahoma, will follow federal law.

Texas' decision to deny federally granted benefits to men and women who have volunteered to serve this country and tell them it’s merely their bad luck to serve in Texas is about as far from “supporting the troops” as one could possibly get. Fortunately, gay and lesbian service members can get around the prejudicial restriction by applying for benefits at any federal military installation.