Student cyclist hit by car in West Campus

Alberto Long

A student cyclist was transferred to the University Medical Center after being struck by an automobile on the corner of Whitis Avenue and 27th Street in West Campus.

Martha Rey, who was present as first responders tended to the victim, said the victim was struck by a female motorist. Rey said the motorist stopped to render aid. 

“I was coming from Dean Keeton when I saw people gathered around a person on the ground,” Rey said. “Her windshield was completely shattered. There was a gash on the side of his face and his arm appeared to be caved in.” 

According to Rey, bystanders tried to stop the victim’s bleeding before Austin EMS, the Austin Police Department and UTPD arrived at the scene. 

Cpl. David Boyd, an APD spokesman, said the victim was conscious and breathing at the scene. There was no indication that the injuries were serious.

Warren Hassinger, an Austin EMS spokesman, confirmed that the victim had “non-life-threatening injuries.” 

UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey said UTPD was able to confirm that the victim was a student but was unable to provide specific details. 

According to Rey, several bystanders at the scene took pictures of the victim with their cell phones. 

“It was heartless,” Rey said. “It absolutely disgusted me. They didn’t even ask if he was going to be OK. Five or six of them went up to the victim, took their pictures and left.”