Athletic director DeLoss Dodds gives full support to Mack Brown amidst turmoil

Garrett Callahan

After five days of turmoil and lingering questions, Texas men’s athletic director DeLoss Dodds gave head coach Mack Brown his full backing.

Dodds spoke to the Austin American-Statesman on Wednesday morning and once again backed Brown.

"Mack's fine," Dodds told the Statesman. "I know we didn't play well Saturday. Mack will know if he should be coaching or shouldn't be. I know this is my responsibility, and I'm not shying away from it. The bottom line is I'm for the kids and the coaches."

Dodds' support comes after an embarrassing 40-21 loss to Brigham Young University last Saturday. After the loss, in which the defense gave up 550 yards rushing, Mack Brown demoted Manny Diaz from defensive coordinator and made Greg Robinson the new play-caller.

Mack Brown recently said he plans to stay at Texas until the end of his contract, which ends in 2020.

"Mack loves the game,” Dodds said. “He's good for Texas. He's going to be a part of what his future is.”

The athletic director also added that he has no plans himself to step down from his position anytime soon. He stated he will receive the $1 million annuity guaranteed to him next August, whether he is the athletic director or not, but he has had no thoughts of leaving his post.