Aggies look for second straight win over Tide in most anticipated game of the year

Rachel Wenzlaff

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 6 A&M

Obviously. It’s the most anticipated game of the season. How could you not watch? With Johnny Manziel constantly in the spotlight for his amazing athleticism (and amazing arrogance,) and Nick Saban coming off back-to-back national championship victories, this clash of football giants is one of the ages. The rematch gives A&M the chance to prove last year’s success wasn’t beginner’s luck. If the Aggies can walk away with a win, they may be propelled to the No. 1 spot in the polls. But Alabama is looking for a three-peat, and the first step in earning it, is taking down what they see as the only thing standing in their way, the Aggies.


No. 16 UCLA vs. No. 23 Nebraska

Despite coming off a 43-point win against Southern Miss, Nebraska dropped in the AP poll from No. 22 to No. 23. To the rest of the country the drop doesn’t seem terribly significant but to Cornhuskers fans, it’s a slap in the face after such a big win. This added motivation to prove themselves as a team worthy of a higher ranking might be good for Nebraska as they face UCLA. As has been shown in past games, Nebraska doesn’t play will with high levels of confidence. The game’s outcome could have a lot to do with how Nebraska’s season progresses.


Tennessee vs. No. 2 Oregon

In Week 2, the Volunteers were able to hold Western Kentucky’s explosive running offense and quarterback to 21 points, while managing to put up 52 of their own. Week 3 will likely be a far different story. Oregon clearly possesses a much more skilled offense and defense than the Hilltoppers, yet Tennessee won’t go down as easily as you may think. The Volunteers offense is shielded by one of the best offensive lines in the country and the confidence the defense gained will give Tennessee the early bump they need.


No. 4 Ohio St vs. California

Ohio State’s biggest star, quarterback Braxton Miller, left last Saturday’s game with a sprained left MCL. Although backup quarterback Kenny Guiton is likely enough to ensure a win against the Golden Bears, Miller still may make an appearance in the game. Wide receiver Corey Brown and a few other Buckeyes said that they would be surprised if Miller doesn’t play Saturday. If Miller’s participation exacerbates his knee injury, Ohio St could be sacrificing future success against more challenging opponents.


No. 20 Wisconsin vs. Arizona St

Thus far Wisconsin has faced relatively undemanding opponents. This game is their first true test and will likely foreshadow the potential of the rest of the Badgers season. If the Sun Devils can hold their own at the higher level of competition that the Badgers present, it will display their capability to successfully control the rest of the season. With relatively evenly matched defenses, this game will come down to a battle of the offenses: which can penetrate the strong defensive front most effectively?