Sex column roundup: Week 1


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Sexy Sally runs every Tuesday evening in Life & Arts. 

Sexy Sally

In case you missed it, we had our first series of sex columns run online this week. All four columnists introduced themselves and talked about their Flexuality Test results, a test that tells you where you fall on the spectrum of sexuality. Instead of doing homework this morning, why don't you take a minute to meet them! 

Sexy Sally: "I like to venture out of the traditional box of strictly straight sex." 

Fabulous Frank: "'Your answers on the Flexuality Test suggest you may be Gay.' Um, duh. I’ve fantasized about David Beckham for a solid decade."

Committed Caroline: "I'll be the one to champion for a steady partner and assure you that things don't have to get boring just because your partner doesn't change." 

Virgin Veronica: "I am not here to tell you to preserve your purity or guard your treasure or whatever weird euphemism you use for your hymen."