Horns Up, Horns Down for Sept. 17: Texas inhospitality and Mack’s admittance


Horns Down: Texas Inhospitality 

Carson Otter, a visiting student from Ole Miss is in intensive care after being assaulted in Austin in the very early hours of Saturday morning before the football game. It’s unclear whether the assault was in any way connected to the matchup, but regardless, we show our support for the victim and hope our city represents itself better to visitors in the future.

Horns Up: We'd boo you too, Mack 

UT football head coach Mack Brown acknowledged that the students who booed his name at the UT-Ole Miss game Saturday had a right to be unsatisfied with his performance, and added, “I might boo me now too.” It’s good to know that another losing record wasn’t his target for this season.

Horns Down: Misplaced Priorities 

A&M raised almost twice as much money in donations as UT last year. They’re also a lot better at football now, and the fact that around two-thirds of the money was marked for improvements to the school’s Kyle Field suggests that its gridiron success was the cause of the sudden generosity.