Sexy Sally: My First Kiss


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Sexy Sally

  1. Editor's note: In this weekly sex column, four columnists discuss their different sexual experiences relating to a common theme. Sexy Sally runs every Tuesday evening. 

My first kiss was with a neighborhood friend when I was 13-years-old. He was a freshman in high school and I was a 7th grader just beginning to come out of a horrific awkward phase. Not to mention, it was the first time a boy had ever paid any attention to me.

One day after school, we were hanging out as usual. I was busy doing my homework when I felt him staring at me. “What?” I asked. Then he just spit it out… “Can I kiss you?” My goody two-shoes answer was a prompt "no." DENIED. I had braces, an awful hair cut and limited social skills at this point in my life. The idea of being with a guy was foreign and just plain weird. After he left, I thought about it a little more. Kissing actually seemed fun and kind of rebellious. I was into it.

I saw him a couple of days later and he asked again if he could kiss me. This time, I was ready for it. I nodded my head and he gently grabbed my chin, leaned forward, and placed a sweet, tender peck on my lips. It sent shivers down my spine.

At that moment, I realized what attraction and desire felt like. And I wanted more of it. Over the next few months, we would sneak into each other’s rooms and play around 1st and 2nd base. As a rule following, well-behaved 13-year-old it felt so wrong. But as a young woman just discovering my sexuality, it felt so right.

He taught me all about the parts of my body that had never been explored. My experiences with him opened my eyes to sexuality and womanhood. More importantly, though, he taught me that I could be confident and comfortable with my own body. He told me I was beautiful. He made sure I felt relaxed. He made every encounter we had fun and exciting, and secure. Our relationship molded my ideas and beliefs regarding sex. He helped me realize that I could take control of my sexuality and to enjoy sex for what it is – a natural and pleasing part of life. 

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