Horns Up, Horns Down for Sept. 23: Breaking Bad and Ballot Imbalances


Horns Up: Emmy win gives reason for "Breaking Bad" binge 

As busy college students, we’re always looking for an excuse to spend more time with our Netflix accounts. It comes as no surprise that AMC series “Breaking Bad” won the Emmy on Sunday for outstanding drama, given TV critics’ long-standing love affair with the gripping crime series, but the seal of approval from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will help justify our Walter White binge session on the basis of cultural immersion. Horns Up, Emmy Awards.

Horns Down: Imbalance on the GOP ballot

On Friday, the Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey pointed out one problem with Texas Republicans’ otherwise strong lineup on the 2014 ballot: there aren’t, as of right now, any female frontrunners. In a year where the rhetoric has often tended towards GOP vs. Texas women, we’re disheartened that there aren’t more candidates available to turn the conversation around. 

Horns Up: Finally something to cheer about

Despite the recent losses against BYU and Ole Miss, Texas is undefeated in Big 12 conference play after beating Kansas State on Saturday. This presents a dilemma for those looking for a regime change, as it will likely protect Mack Brown’s job a while longer and make it harder to build a case against him. But hey, we’re not complaining. A win’s a win.

Horns Down: A little rain, but we need a lot 

This weekend gave Austin some of the best weather it’s seen in months, but all good things must come to an end. The rain, which came from a pair of hurricanes that hit Mexico earlier in the week, will not be enough to halt the current drought. And while water levels rose in the lakes of Central Texas, they’re still so far below historical norms that it hardly makes a difference.