Durant-Wade feud previews NBA season

Grant Gordon

In Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant’s early NBA years, he was considered a quiet, almost shy player, completely contrasting the league’s other brash, outgoing celebrities such as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. But ever since Nike created its “KD is not nice” ad campaign, soon after his first finals appearance in 2012, Durant has been proving that he is no pushover.

From declaring that he was “done” with finishing second on the cover of Sports Illustrated to calling out ESPN analyst Skip Bayless, Durant has been anything but kind in the past year. He continued the trend earlier this week, when a social media feud broke out between Durant and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade.

The dispute started when Durant stated in a video interview that his former teammate James Harden should replace Wade on SI’s list of top ten NBA players. Wade instantly shot back with this Instagram post.

Shots. Fired.

Durant answered right back with this short tweet, culminating the online argument.

According to the pulse of the Twitter-sphere, it seems as though Wade’s previous experience “showing” Durant — namely, winning the last two NBA championships, including one over Durant’s Thunder — gives him the edge in this battle. But, truly, with this fight, we are all winners.

Offseason arguments like this one just pour fuel on the fire for the upcoming NBA season.  Again, the Heat and the Thunder will be among the favorites to represent their conference in the Finals, and the bad blood between these two stars would only advance an already-budding rivalry.

So now we can all just sit around and hope Russell Westbrook starts making jokes about LeBron’s hairline, or Serge Ibaka points out the elephant in the room and mentions Chris Bosh’s striking resemblance to a velociraptor.

But, until that happens, all we can do is count the days until the beginning of what proves to be another riveting NBA season.