Pittsburgh Pirates fans celebrate after fantastic season

Grant Gordon

Over the last two decades, Pittsburgh Pirates fans have become accustomed to losing. The Pirates compiled a losing record in each of the past 20 seasons, which is the longest losing streak in U.S. professional sports.

To say the least, things have been bad for Pirates fans.

But the Bucs’ fortune seems to have turned this season. They not only achieved their first winning record since the first George Bush held office, but they even made the playoffs.  

And Pirates fans have gone rightfully insane.

The crowd of 39,441 at the Bucs’ first round National League Wild Card game against the Cincinnati Reds was the largest in the history of Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, and the rowdy fans helped propel the Pirates to victory. The crowd was chanting so loud that it caused opposing Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto to give up a second inning home run to Russel Martin, pushing the team to a 6-2 victory.

After Pittsburgh’s first playoff win in over two decades, one Pirates die-hard, Dean Pasztor, stripped to his underwear and jumped off the 40-foot Roberto Clemente Bridge in a very interesting form of celebration.

After their big win, the Pirates advanced to the National League Division Series, where they hold a 2-1 series lead over the St. Louis Cardinals.

As the Pirates advance deeper and deeper into the playoffs, the fans are sure to only get rowdier.  The fan base has stayed strong and united despite becoming the laughing stock of all professional sports over the past couple of decades, and those years of commitment are finally being rewarded.

Pittsburgh fans seem to believe that their team’s time to win has finally come, and they are doing all they can — and more — to make the most of it. Because really, out of all fan bases, the Pirates’ faithful fans know best that something this special doesn’t come around all too often.