Raptors suffer devastating loss in mascot’s injury

Grant Gordon

With the NBA season right around the corner, one team looking to improve on a few rough years is the Toronto Raptors. In a weak Eastern Conference, the Raptors’ budding young core hopes to crash into the playoff picture.

But the Raptors suffered a heartbreaking loss in their preseason opener that will almost certainly hinder the team’s postseason chances.

Initial reports have been confirmed that Raptor, the team’s mascot, will miss the rest of the season with an Achilles injury.

This is a tough one, folks.

But so is the nature of sports — injuries are just a part of the game. As much as we hate them, injuries affect nearly every team year after year as the wear and tear of the game catches up to the athletes. 

They’re just not always this devastating.

Of course, an injury as severe as this one will bring up the usual questions: Is it time for the NBA to implement a stricter pregame mascot stretching policy? Does the league need to do away with the controversial trampoline events? Does NBA commissioner David Stern even care about mascots?

These questions still linger like Raptor on his way up for a front-flip slam (you will be missed, buddy), but at this point, there’s nothing we can do.

Nothing we can do except count down the moments until his glorious return.

He will be back. We believe in you, Raptor. Make us proud.