Students, faculty stay informed on engineering building progress

Reanna Zuniga

Students and faculty interested in the Engineering Education and Research Center heard the construction plans and aired their potential concerns Friday.

There are two stages to the construction process, according to Kirby Kuntz, the general manager for Hensel Phelps Construction Co. The first stage consists of new and rerouted utilities, and the remodel of Cockrell Jr. Hall. These projects are to start next month and be completed by the fall semester of 2014.

“There will be a major gas line reroute,” Kuntz said. “But everything will stay operational.”

Kuntz said the construction will disturb parking, entrances to labs and pedestrian pathways.

“From ENS to Speedway will be a construction zone,” Kuntz said. “But we’re trying very hard to do most of the work there during the Christmas break.”

The second stage of construction will begin in 2014 with the demolition of three engineering buildings: the Engineering-Science Building, Academic Annex and Computer Science Annex in the engineering area on campus. Kuntz said the occupants of these buildings will move into other buildings on campus and stay there for three years until the new building is complete.

Kuntz said the new EERC building will have three levels and be 433,000 square feet. He said construction for the building will not disturb bus routes.