Sexy Sally: Turn ons


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Sexy Sally

Turn-ons are what take innocent attraction to burning passion in as little as half of a second. So what turns me on? Manhandling.

This might come as a surprise, but I actually really enjoy being submissive in bed. I’m like a sexual dominatrix who likes to be dominated. I become a little weak in the knees when a man pushes me against a wall, pulls my hair and bites my lip. A man who can take charge and show me who’s boss is sexy as hell. I don’t have much experience with full on S&M (whips and chains are probably a little much for me) but I have broken out the handcuffs a time or two.

I had been sleeping with a guy for about a year and half so he knew my likes and dislikes fairly well. One night I got a text from him saying he had a gift for me, immediately followed by a picture of furry handcuffs and a blindfold. My interest was instantly peaked. I had never experienced more than a  little roughness in bed before this, so I was nervous. But I was comfortable with him and I knew it would be exciting.

When I went over there, he handcuffed me to his bed and the rest was history. In a weird way it was thrilling to be so vulnerable. The only thing I had to worry about was enjoying myself. He knew me so well that I could trust him to take care of me in all the right ways.

I think I like my partner to take control because I’m in control of every other aspect of my life. It’s nice to walk into the bedroom, let down my walls and let someone else take care of my needs. Letting go of control allows me to fall into the moment and enjoy the sensations of seriously amazing sex.