Sarah White

Below are 13 locations of water bottle filler stations on campus. The installation project, which has taken existing water fountains and added on a section to accommodate water bottles, was initiated by Student Government and UT Staff Council. The project, which started in early September, will be completed next week as the last two water bottle fillers are installed in the Jones Communication Center Building.

McCombs School of Business — Second floor near O’s Cafe

Benedict Hall — First floor near restrooms

Mezes Hall — First floor near vending machine area

Jackson Geosciences Building — First floor near restrooms

Waggener Hall — Next to room 112

Communication Center Building A (two being installed next week) — First floor; one next to men’s restroom and the other next to the women’s restroom

UTPD station

Sid Richardson Hall — Second floor near restroom and third floor near restroom

Biomedical Engineering Building — Fourth floor near elevators

Doty Fine Arts Building — Near restroom and lobby