Student organization calls attention to anti-abortion cause with West Mall display

Niq Velez

Nine hundred and fifteen neon pink crosses lined the ground in a display put on by Texas Students for Life on Friday in the West Mall. These crosses represented the 915 lives lost to abortion by Planned Parenthood every day in the United States, according to signs the group had displayed outside.  

Member and nutrition senior Clare Glynn said the display, called the Planned Parenthood Project, was meant to bring attention to the misinformation spread by Planned Parenthood.

“Abortion is a real problem that happens every day — we need to know our facts,” Glynn said.

Students for Life of America advocate Missy Martinez said Planned Parenthood misrepresents the amount of abortions they perform.

Ninety two percent of their pregnancy services are abortion procedures,” Martinez said. “They claim it is only 3 percent because they consider giving out one condom as a service.”

Anthropology sophomore Morgan Ireland, who saw the display in the West Mall, said Planned Parenthood helps women that are otherwise helpless.

“Women are more likely to go the doctor because they have more reproductive needs,” Ireland said. “Government funding alone doesn’t cover them.”