Fantasy football: who’s rising, falling after Week 8

Taylor Piper


Marvin Jones:

I don’t care who it is — if a player scores four touchdowns in a single game, he deserves to be on my rising list. We always knew that AJ Green’s sidekick could be a productive position, and Jones is just that man. With the number of double teams Green gathers, there will be plenty of room for Jones to be a major threat in the Bengals’ offense.

Kenny Stills:

Drew Brees will always have his Robert Meachem — a guy who can stretch the field and catch long balls every now and then. This year, it is Stills — and no Meachem, who rejoined the Saints this season. Stills put up a 129-yard, two-touchdown performance this week, which puts him as a top five receiver in Week 8. Stills is guaranteed to be frustrating, because he will go games without a single catch, but in my opinion, it’s worth taking the lottery ticket.

Andre Ellington:

A 154-yard, one touchdown -performance from Ellington is the nail in the coffin for Rashard Mendenhall’s tenure in Arizona. Ellington has looked like the better running back all year, and this past week’s performance is a positive sign of things to come.


Pierre Garcon: 

This week was Garcon’s chance to re-establish himself as a legitimate threat in the Redskins’ offense against a Broncos’ secondary that has been trampled over the past few weeks. What does he do with that opportunity? He receives for a mere 46 yards. He has only topped 75 yards once this season, and has not had a touchdown since Week 4. Garcon is falling, and falling fast.

Jacquizz Rodgers:

Rodgers is nothing but a pretty name. He has enough talent to get by in the NFL, but never enough to make an impact. The Falcons struggle to run the ball, and even if they could, it looks like Steven Jackson is ready to take control of this backfield after recovering for injury. Rodgers’ ceiling just plummeted to the floor.

Marques Colston:

I wrote about Colston’s performance wavering recently, but even I was skeptical when I wrote it. I was still half-expecting Colston to have a 100-yard, two-touchdown game as soon as I typed my critique of him. This week, after putting up only 18 yards, all hope is lost. The Saints have moved on from Colston, and so should everyone’s fantasy team.