Horns Up, Horns Down for Oct. 30


Horns Up: Longhorn Network offers military members free service

The Longhorn Network has announced that it will offer itself for free to anyone on a laptop, tablet or smartphone connecting from a .mil domain. While we still wonder at the necessity of having a $300 million dollar, 20-year contract with a TV network devoted solely to already-well-televised UT Athletics, offering it for free to active-duty service members is a nice gesture of appreciation.

Horns Down: Campus museum to lose funding

As this newspaper reported yesterday, the Texas State Memorial Museum is set to lose the $400,000 in University funding it receives from the College of Natural Sciences. That $400,000 constitutes two-thirds of the museum’s budget, and without it, only three employees will be left at the museum: one that runs the gift shop, one that runs security and one whose job it is “to take care of everything else,” as Museum Director and integrative biology professor Edward Theriot told the Texan yesterday. We understand the need for cuts from the college, and we recognize that a museum built in honor of Texas’ centennial may not be the most up-to-date way to educate college students. But the museum provides an important resource for public schools across the city who have no other natural science museum to take their students to. We hope that the cuts, if nothing else, inspire a renewed interest in the museum and the many educational opportunities it provides for the community. But we’d prefer it if they renewed the community’s interest in funding the place.