New developments in technology this week

Jeremy Hintz

Rumor Mill: Google reportedly set to unveil Nexus 5 and new smartwatch

Photos of the Nexus 5 were leaked almost a month ago when an employee in Google’s promo video for Android 4.4 Kit Kat was seen wielding the device. New reports say Google could unveil the premium smartphone sometime in the first week of November. Even more buzz is being generated by the possibility that Google could unveil its first smartwatch. Earlier this year, Google acquired WIMM Labs, one of the first smartwatch manufacturers. The only other big name to unveil a smartwatch thus far is Samsung, who released Galaxy Gear in September. It has been received with mixed reviews as many people were expecting more from the wearable tech revolution. Google Now, which was long considered to be Google’s answer for Apple’s Siri, looks like a perfect interface for a wearable device like a smartwatch, and Google is poised to make headlines if it lives up to the high expectations.


App of the Week: Notability

Notability is a note-taking app for the iPhone and iPad developed by Ginger Labs. It allows users to handwrite notes and record lectures on their iPad. For students who lose their notebooks, the iCloud backup feature will come in handy. Notability makes up for the iPad’s lack of digitized stylus by allowing users to zoom in on parts of the page to write while still viewing the entire sheet. For students who find themselves buried in notes midway through the semester, Notability could provide a more manageable interface to catalog their lectures.