Quotes to Note: Water, Hall, voter ID and vocational training

The vice president comes to town

“[The National Domestic Violence Hotline] drop[s] somewhere around 50,000 calls. We need more people; we need more resources to be able to service the demonstrable need that is there.” — Vice President Joe Biden on the $1.6 million funding gap for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The vice president, who authored the Violence Against Women Act in the ’90s, visited the hotline Wednesday

Smooth sailing for some at the polls

“Just voted using my [concealed handgun license] as ID. No problem! #VoterID works. #tcot #txlege” — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples on Twitter, Oct. 25. 

Perry parrying for Hall

“I think the idea that a regent or an appointee at any place in government is being stymied from asking questions about the operation of a particular agency is very, very bad public policy. I think it is sending a horrible message to the public.” — Gov. Rick Perry speaking to reporters in Austin on Wednesday on the investigation of Regent Wallace Hall.

Where the leading gubernatorial candidates stand on Proposition 6

“First and foremost, Greg Abbott believes we must protect the Rainy Day Fund from being spent down by clearly defining and limiting its uses. As governor, he would limit the legitimate uses of the Rainy Day Fund to cover unexpected budgetary shortfalls, debt retirement, emergencies due to disasters and one-time infrastructure payments.” — Matt Hirsch, spokesman for Abbott, explaining Abbott’s position on Proposition 6, the water funding amendment Texans will vote on next Tuesday.

“I think voters in Texas understand the challenges that we face with our water needs here. I definitely will speak in my district about it and certainly encourage the consideration of its passage in my district.” — Wendy Davis, Democratic candidate for governor, to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Proposition 6.

The rain is falling in the wrong places

“I don’t want folks to confuse the fact that it’s flooded down here in Austin, so we must be out of the woods. That is just not the case. We just missed out again. The watershed that feeds Lake Travis, less than an inch of rain fell out on the watershed. As large a rain event this was, it’s done very little for the storage reservoir.” — Ryan Rowney, executive manager of water for the Lower Colorado River Authority, to the Austin American-Statesman on Wednesday night’s rain.

Pauken wants more vocational training

“We’ve got a shortage of skilled workers. [Did] you know, the average age of a plumber is 56; of a welder, 55; of a stonemason or a craftsman, 69 years of age? We’ve got a graying workforce, a shortage of skilled workers … And meanwhile, we have an elitist educational system pushing everybody to go to a four-year university. … Kids have different talents and interests, different abilities … and let’s recognize that.” — Tom Pauken, Republican candidate for governor, on the need for greater vocational training in a web ad released Wednesday.