Horns Up, Horns Down for Nov. 7


Horns Up: Ten for ten on the 2013 ballot.

On Nov. 5, Texas voters approved all nine constitutional amendments on the ballot. The Affordable Housing Bond, the only bond on the ballot in Austin, passed as well, despite the fact that a similar proposition was rejected in 2012. We supported all ten measures up for a vote, and are heartened to know that two incredibly important measures — the creation of the Texas Water Development Board and the Affordable Housing Bond package — will now be implemented.

Horns Up: More public art projects to appear around Austin.

This November marks the beginning of TEMPO, an Austin program that allocates $75,000 for 11 art projects that will be installed in public places throughout the city. The motivation behind the project is twofold: bringing public art to outlying parts of Austin and giving artists the opportunity to learn about creating public art as a career, as the Daily Texan reported Wednesday. As fans of the giant white tree currently sitting in the middle of Lady Bird Lake, a part of the THIRST project commemorating the 300 million trees that died under the current drought, we look forward to seeing the new pieces of public art that will be placed around Austin.