The fans have spoken: Texas A&M is now more popular than Texas in the state

Garrett Callahan

For quite some time now, Texas has been a Longhorn state.

In 2011, a Public Policy Pollings poll showed that 23 percent of the state identified as Longhorn fans compared to just 15 percent identifying as fans of Texas A&M. But, since the era of Johnny Manziel begain those numbers have shifted.

Now, the Aggies have surpassed the Texas fan base, as 22 percent of the Lone Star State identifies as Texas A&M fans to 20 percent Longhorn fans. Texas can thank Johnny Football and Kevin Sumlin for those changes.

Not surprisingly, there is also a partisan divide between the two schools in the state. Republicans side with the Aggies 35 percent to 16 percent Longhorn fans while 26 percent of democrats identify with Texas.  

Behind Texas and Texas A&M, 10 percent of the state classifies itself with the University of Houston, eight percent with Baylor, five percent for Texas Tech, four percent for TCU, three percent for UTEP and two percent for SMU.