Patriots’ Gronkowski to make big screen debut

Grant Gordon

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has had a pretty good month. After returning from a potentially career-threatening injury in Week 7, Gronk has regained his position as one of the top tight ends in the league, raking in almost 300 receiving yards already.

But returning from months of arduous rehab to his superstar status on the Patriots was not even the best part of Gronk’s month.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Gronkowski would be making an appearance in the “Entourage” movie set to come out in 2014.

Just hearing about this new movie would probably make Gronk backflip for joy (, but actually being able to participate? It has to be a dream come true.

Nobody exemplifies the “Entourage” lifestyle quite like the jacked-up, club-hopping, often-shirtless Gronk. He’s the perfect fit for the upcoming movie.

Gronkowski’s life itself plays out like a series of “Entourage” episodes, living from one headline to the next, and now, finally, he gets to join his “heroes” on the big screen