Bicycle accident causes student multiple non-life threatening injuries

Julia Brouillette

A female student on a bicycle crashed into the back of a stopped vehicle on 24th Street in front of Welch Hall on Friday morning.

A witness called Emergency Medical Services, which transferred the student to Brackenridge Hospital for multiple non-life threatening injuries, according to University Operations spokeswoman Cindy Posey.

“She shattered the rear windshield, which must have taken a considerable amount of force,” said biology sophomore Francie Herriage-Wilson, who witnessed the accident on her way to class. “The girl was half inside the car, half out and not moving.”

Herriage-Wilson said she rushed to help the student, who she said was concious, missing several teeth and bleeding from her nose. She said the student was not wearing a helmet.

“After I called 911, they transferred me and I sort of had to wait through a voicemail system, which was seriously unnerving, as the poor girl was bleeding all over the car with her teeth laying on the backseat,” Herriage-Wilson said.

Posey confirmed the student suffered facial injuries. Herriage-Wilson said the driver, also a student, immediately got out of the car in shock. 

“The driver was really panicked,” Herriage-Wilson said.