Kennedy assassination memorialized

Dave McNeely

“We had felt that we had, at that time, the voice of the University, the voice of the students of the University, that we had a duty to get that news out as best we could with as many angles that affected either UT, Austin or Texas as we could and not to wait for Monday’s paper.

[Every editor-in-chief] is able to pick one front page from their year to be on this copper plaque, and that’s the one I chose because it was one of the most significant events in my life and in all of our lives.”

“The Kennedy presidency to an extent was a reaction to the relative [plainness] of the 1950s under Eisenhower. Kennedy managed to inject a sense of excitement into American politics that was new. The guy was 44 when he became president, so you went from this old bald guy to this young dynamic guy with a young life and small kids and so on, so it was an exciting time.”

“The campus and the student body went into almost like a depression. This hit people so hard, and I think part of it for the fact that such violence could occur here, and we had an earlier president assassinated…I think to an extent it frightened people. And one of the other things that made it so somber was at that point, you didn’t know if it was part of some huge plot or what the motivation was and the fact that it happened in Dallas.”