Zeta Beta Tau members meet with dean of students

Anthony Green

Members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, commonly known as ZBT, met with the UT dean of students office Thursday to discuss sexually graphic mural depictions involving children’s television characters and U.S. Army veterans as part of decorations for an upcoming party.

Elizabeth Medina, assistant dean of students who handles discourse involving greek life, said discussions between the two parties are ongoing — although she did not disclose what exactly was discussed in the meeting. 

Members of ZBT declined to comment on the current status of the Pat O’Briens party — for which the murals were designed.

Psychology senior Elyssa Klann said she found the mural’s depictions discouraging.

“I do find it offensive towards women,” Klann said. “I think that portraying women in a sexually objectified way makes women appear as objects. … Women are valuable, contributing, intellectual, talented members of society.”

The ZBT members responsible for the mural’s creation are currently going through hearings conducted by the chapter judicial board, with a potential sentencing to be decided within a few weeks.