Dead tree limb removal causes road closure near Parlin

Reanna Zuniga

A roadway near Parlin Hall was closed Tuesday to prune a tree’s dead branches for pedestrian safety and the tree’s health.

Laurie Lentz, manager in the University’s department of Business and Financial Services, said the project was originally planned to take place this weekend but was postponed because of adverse weather. Landscape services arborists worked to take down the dead section Thursday morning, according to Lentz.

“For safety reasons, the arborists dealt with the tree as soon as they could [Tuesday] morning, when it was a bit drier,” Lentz said.

Lentz said the arborists had to remove approximately one-third of the upper canopy of the tree for safety reasons.

“The work was done primarily for the safety of people walking near the tree,” Lentz said. “It was also done for the health of the tree, to reduce the potential of wood decay fungi and insects attacking the tree through the dead areas.”

For the past five years, UT has been named an Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation, which recognizes universities that strive to engage students to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem around campus.