Keeping Red Raiders’ passing attack in check key for Texas this week

Matt Warden

Defend the Pass

Texas Tech has the most productive passing offense in the country, averaging 400.2 passing yards per game. The biggest key for the Longhorns this week is to limit Baker Mayfield’s production. Texas needs to do what they do best and rush the passer to make it difficult to throw the ball accurately down field. The secondary needs to be on its toes all game and play the receivers close. Texas needs to bump, be physical, and get the receivers off of their routes early on to marginalize an offense that has no problem scoring points.


Put the Ball Across the Goal Line

The Red Raiders may have the No. 23 scoring offense in the country, but their defense is simply not up to par. The Longhorns need to run the ball to establish the momentum and take advantage of red zone opportunities by putting the ball in the end zone. Texas does well when they get close to the goal line with a plethora of punishing backs and this should be the key for the offense. It’s simple in theory, but it’s imperative that the Longhorns take advantage of every opportunity they get to score points. If Texas gets into a shootout with the Red Raiders, the numbers favor Texas Tech.


Don’t Overthink It

With Johnathan Gray and Chris Whaley going down to injury before the Oklahoma State game, it seemed the Longhorns were thinking too much to compensate. Texas needs to realize it has the talent to pull out a victory over any team in the conference but its confidence seems to be lacking when adversity strikes. If the team can push the ball down the Red Raiders’ throats with the run game, Texas Tech will be forced to throw the ball all night to keep up. Although Texas Tech puts up points with the best of them, eventually that production has to fail. If the Longhorns can play at their pace and wear out the Red Raiders, it will be easier to match them on the scoreboard. Simple is usually the best way out of a rough patch, and this is the game that Texas must stick to its strengths and believe in itself if it wants to remain in the Big 12 title picture.