Photographer salutes fellow staffers

Gabriella Belzer

For those who have come into the Daily Texan basement when the sun was still out and left long after the night had come, I salute you.

As I move forward, I don’t feel as if I am losing anything. I am leaving The Daily Texan with the support of the greatest band of creative misfits whom I have the honor of calling my family. With this in mind, I dedicate this column to my family.

Pu “The Puma” Huang, you know when I can do better and expect nothing less than my best. We’ve had so many amazing experiences together, both in and out of The Daily Texan. You are the only person I know who gives me the stink eye as a sign of endearment. Thank you for pushing me to do better than my best.

To Brenda, a true friend is one who will walk down the street with her skirt tucked into her tights and sit in the middle of the street with her ukulele, just so you can take photos.

Taylor Barron, the many conversations during our pre-meeting ritual were the highlights of my evenings at The Daily Texan.

To Alec Wyman, for keeping me constantly entertained with your variety of patterned socks.  

Chelsea Pur …gahn … ghan … gahn, no matter how long we know each other, I will almost certainly keep misspelling your last name. We took The Daily Texan global, and there isn’t another person with whom I would have rather spent my time. You manage to brighten even the most stressful days.

To Andrea Macias-Jimenez, the next Annie Leibovitz and future Vanity Fair hotshot, you were the start of my Daily Texan saga and, for that, I can’t thank you enough. We’ve known each other since before The University of Texas was even a thought. Through all the years I’ve known you, you continue to surprise and inspire me everyday. After all the laughs, mustache pictures and launchings of plastic babies with tin foil capes, I know one thing is absolutely certain: No matter where life takes you, you will do great things.

To my fellow seniors, Sam Ortega, Charlie Pearce, Shelby Taulber and honorary seniors Jonathan and Shweta, there are no words to properly describe our crazy dynamic. You all made me feel proud to let my freak flag fly.

To everyone else, my only regret is that there isn’t enough room in this column to write to all of you individually.

The Daily Texan is my home and I’m proud to call all those at The Daily Texan my family.