Senior design dog unchained, pursues exciting new smells

Jenny Messer

The Daily Texan is a special place filled with heaps of special people. The people make this organization what it is, and the fact that I got to be one of them is an experience I know I won’t ever be able to recreate. 

When I applied to the Texan, all I was looking for was to gain some experience and to work on a newspaper deadline again. What I found was 3 new best friends and a whole lot of good times. And I don’t know how this always works out, but I find myself coming back to work on newspapers because the people I meet are always some of the best. I guess that makes me a newspaper nerd, and that’s quite alright with me. 

Because when you think about it, where else would I find such a vibrant and dynamic group of people who work so well together?

Where else would I spend eight straight hours with sleep-deprived college kids all suffering from similar amounts of delirium?

Where else could Natasha and Omar teach me that everything is fine and nothing is fine at the same time? 

Where else would I laugh until I cried, watch Pu nonchalantly sit in a trash can discussing photo options for DOM, the same trash can that Jack had eaten out of two hours before?

Where else would I feel the pure satisfaction of making the first eight-page midnight scriptset with Hirrah, Brett and E-Dill?

Where else does cute mean scary and scary mean cute?

And most importantly, where else could my workplace turn into a doghouse, where my coworkers became my best friends, my dogs? It’s pretty damn special that five students who came from all different walks of life got to work together and create something that was bigger than them in a place where we all knew each other — the good, the bad AND the ugly — and wholeheartedly accepted each other. My time at the Texan was truly a rarity and some of the most beautiful dysfunction I will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.