Texas Longhorns Volleyball fans talk about the Final Four in Seattle

Evan Berkowitz

Family, season ticket holders, volleyball dads and unaffiliated parties make their way to the Final Four. Here’s what they have to say:

Volleyball Dads

Eight volleyball dads spend much of their weekend watching club volleyball, so why not make the trip to watch the best of the best?

Q: Favorite player?

Trent Turner: Hannah Allison

Scott Montgomery: Khat Bell. I saw her play in Dallas and it was a privilidge watching her. She was that good. Head and shoulders the best.

Russell Larson: Hayley Eckerman, she came to Manor High School, where I coach, and spent time with the girls. It meant a lot.

Corby Brown: Bailey Webster.


Cal Puana, Sarah Palmer’s Uncle, gave some insight to the weekend matchup

Q: Biggest threat?

Puana: Penn State, aren’t they always?

Q: What’s going to happen in the game tonight?

Puana: I think we’ll blow them out, but you never know.

Season ticket holders

These season ticketholders know quite a bit about the team.

Q: Where have you travelled with the team?

James Wilcox: we’ve actually been to Hawaii, Nebraska, Illinois and five of the last six final fours.

Q: How into Texas Volleyball are you?

Rodney Phillips: We’ve been to every game. I actually run the UT volleyball facebook page.

The unaffiliated fan

Without and hometown bias, she gives her opinions

Q: Who’s your team?

Yvonne: Nebraska, but I’m rooting for Penn State this weekend

Q: Who’s the best player in the nation?

Yvonne: Ariel Scott.

Q: Who is your pick?

Yvonne: I like Penn State, but I think Texas has the edge. I do want to see a Penn State vs. Texas matchup.