Horns Up, Horns Down for Jan. 23


Horns Down: Winter Storm Watch for Austin

On Thursday, the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Watch for much of Central Texas, with significant snow and ice accumulation possible into Friday morning. It’s been 3 years since Austin last saw snow, and those of us who were on campus back then will never forget how that dusting brought the city to an absolute grinding halt — all over less than a quarter inch of the white stuff, which was mostly gone by 3 p.m. when temperatures reached back up into the 70s. Sure, everybody knows that Texas weather is unpredictable; it just wouldn’t be winter in Texas without 40-degree temperature fluctuations. But when you go to school in Austin, trekking through West Campus in hats, scarves and mittens is neither expected nor pleasant. Hell, many of us don’t even own hats, scarves and mittens. So Horns Down, Texas winter. Horns Down. Unless we’re granted a snow day — in which case, thank you. 

Horns Up: UT equestrian club revived

The UT equestrian team has returned after a yearlong hiatus, according to the Austin American-Statesman, which reported that the team is training again after students successfully campaigned to bring back the sport. Though the team of 12 pays $600 to participate in the sport, the cost would be much greater to board individually owned horses. Instead, the team uses retired race horses who so rarely get the care they need and deserve after leaving the track. We’re glad to see the team back in action.

Horns Down: LBJ plane to stay in Ohio

UT’s Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library will not be expanding its collection to include the U.S. Air Force One President Johnson was on when he took the oath of office. The memorabilia  will remain in Ohio, despite the hopes of LBJ library officials who campaigned for the historic plane. Military officials announced Wednesday there is no intention of moving the plane to the LBJ museum or any other place for exhibition, according to the Austin American- Statesman. We understand Ohio has dibs on the plane, but a museum dedicated to the man is a pretty good resting place for the aircraft. Thanks for humoring our interest in the LBJ artifact and dashing our hopes of a fresh and historic exhibit on campus.