Kinsolving Dining Hall, Jester City Limits stay open through Friday closures

Leila Ruiz

Although classes and most University offices were closed Friday as a result of freezing temperatures and icy roads, on-campus dining options remained open in a limited capacity. Kinsolving Dining Hall and Jester City Limits were the only two campus dining options to remain open during the inclement weather.

“[Kinsolving Dining and JCL] are the two central, large dining areas for the residents,” said Scott Meyer, director of food service in the Division of Student Affairs. “By focusing on these two dining areas, we were able to consolidate the staff who were able to make it into work and be sure to provide the largest number of residents with nutritious, high quality food options.”

Cafeteria workers were not surprised when they were asked to come into work because they are classified as essential employees, according to Meyer. This job classification comes with the understanding that workers might be called into work when other University employees have the day off, as they are integral to maintaining many crucial resources for students.

Advertising sophomore Tabbi Loter, who lives in Duren Hall, said she was not inconvenienced by the closures because she is already accustomed to limited hours at North Campus dining locations.

“I didn’t even realize that there were so many dining halls closed today,” Loter said. “I guess it’s because Littlefield and a lot of other places nearby have pretty bad hours on Fridays and holidays, so I guess I’m used to it.” 

All dining halls resumed regular operating hours by Saturday morning.